Photo taken 2014

History of our Magnolia Garden

Originally our Magnolia Garden was supposed to be an Acer garden, but in 1963, we had one of our coldest winters, which wiped out all the acers, so in the late 60's the garden was replanted as a Magnolia Garden. 

Since then we have added a few acers back into the garden, to add a little more interest after the Magnolias have finished their season in May. 

Arley's Magnolias

With over a dozen different varieties of magnolias within the Arboretum you can always find one that appeals to you. It is one of the earliest flowering plants in the year and often springs into life right at the very beginning of spring


The Facts

Magnolias are a large genus with over 210 different varieties known to exist.

They were named after a Frenchman named Pierre Magnol and date back some 20 million years.

Magnolias are known to have predated bees and it is believed they evolved to allow pollination by beetles.

Magnolias are known to come from Asia, Central and South America and the West Indies.



"We visited Arley Arboretum whilst staying in the area and are very glad we did. We started at the Italian garden which was just lovely with the fountain, beautiful flowers and plenty of seats to sit and enjoy the views in the glorious sunshine. There are lots of areas to just wander at leisure looking and marvelling at the huge old trees which tower majestically above the ground, they're all so colourful too. You must have a go at the maze, we did and obviously went down many dead ends before eventually finding the centrepiece, and then finding our way out. Good fun for a couple of oldies but I'm sure children love it too, we laughed a lot! The walks are to die for with spectacular views across the valley and we caught site of the Severn Valley railway. We visited the tea room which serves lovely cake and light meals. We also bought a couple of plants. We stayed wandering and admiring for three hours, there's so much to see, money well spent. Would certainly visit again!"

cymraes191267 Visited May 2016