Acer in Autumn

The Acers in Autumn

There are few displays more stunning than Acers in autumn. Rich colours making a bold statement against the mellow seasonal background. 

In Autumn, the arboretum is on fire with the rich colours of autumn leaf, punctuated by the glorious deep reds of the specimen acers. Not to be missed!

Did you Know?

Originally our Magnolia Garden was supposed to be an Acer garden, but in 1963, we had one of our coldest winters, which wiped out all the acers, so in the late 60's the garden was replanted as a Magnolia Garden. 

Since then we have added a few acers back into the garden, to add a little more interest after the Magnolias have finished their season in May. 


Tips on maintaining Acers

Acers are ericaceous which means they prefer an acidy soil rather than a chalky or (alkaline one)

A good point to look for is if the leaves start to yellow the soil is not acidic enough.

An easy way of dealing with this  a good handful of sulphate of iron and water in


“Lovely colours on trees”

"Spent lovely 2 hours at arley on sunny Sunday get a plan with 2 suggested walks but you walk where ever you like and we normally this time of year the trees are lovely with autumn colours and there is good variety of trees there. 
The arboretum is not that big and you can also see trains on the Severn Valley railway not far away.admission is £5.00 for adults.its mostly run by volunteers and you can plants while there.
There is also very nice cafe on site."

davos191 Visited October 2015