Outdoor Yoga

Wedneday 30th June at 10:30am

Outdoor Yoga in the Arboretum

Enjoy grounding and connecting to the tranquillity of the Arboretum with our Outdoor Yoga classes.

The sessions will be delivered by our Yoga and well being teacher, Paul Houston.

The emphasis will be on a Hatha yoga practice where gentle poses will allow you to explore your body and range of movement, whilst quietly connecting with the natural energy of the surrounding trees.

Your practice will be ended with a beautiful meditative shavasana accompanied by the sounds of nature.

We then invite you to spend some quality time in the Arboretum, enjoying the opportunity to immerse yourself in the peace and tranquillity of this wonderful natural space.

You will be free to enjoy the Arboretum for the rest of the day and at your leisure.

Your session will also include a free hot drink from the Tea Room.

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