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Trails that connect with nature

Ours trails are designed to help children and families engage with the natural environment of the Arboretum.  Sensitively designed to fit in with the Arboretum’s natural beauty our trails and activities aim to provide exploration and education whilst enjoying some exercise and fresh air. Our trails are included with the cost of a child’s admission (unless stated otherwise*).

This year our annual trail is all about the wonderful world of trees.  Children are invited to interact with some of our trees and learn all about their parts and functions.

We also offer seasonal trails and activities through out the year and details of these are released a few weeks before they ‘go live’.

Information and booking for our trails and activities can be found here.

*Trails included in the cost of admission do not include a prize, unless otherwise advertised. Additional charges may apply for activities or trails where there is a gift or prize on completion or where additional resources such as collection bags/stickers are required. We will always try and keep costs as low as possible and only apply extra charges where there is an additional charge to put on the activity.

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