Magnolia Garden

Sheltered and sunny, the Magnolia Garden is a magical place in spring.

Hidden behind a living arch, the long curving path and low box border is the perfect setting for the stunning display of Magnolias, from pure white through to pink, low forms and tall trees. There are few sights more impressive than the Arley Magnolia Garden in full blossom. For a few magical weeks in spring it is unmissable!

Arleys’ Magnolias

With over a dozen different varieties of Magnolias within the Arboretum you can always find one that appeals to you. It is one of the earliest flowering plants in the year and often springs into life right at the very beginning of spring.

History of our Magnolia Garden

Originally our Magnolia Garden was supposed to be an Acer garden, but in 1963 we had one of our coldest winters which wiped out all of the Acers, so in the late 60’s the garden was replanted as a Magnolia Garden.  Since then we have added a few Acers back into the garden, to add a little more interest after the Magnolias have finished their season in May.

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