The Acers

Arley Arboretum boasts a fine collection of Acers which make beautiful focal points in the Arboretum autumn display.

Acers are not only attractive in the autumn but also in the spring. In spring Acers produce an abundance of wonderful small flowers which open before the leaves, producing an amazing sight that not a lot of people forget.

Originally our Magnolia Garden was supposed to be an Acer garden, but in 1963 we had one of our coldest winters which wiped out all of the Acers, so in the late 60’s the garden was replanted as a Magnolia Garden. Since then we have added a few Acers back into the garden, to add a little more interest after the Magnolias have finished their season in May.

The Acers in Autumn

There are few displays more stunning than Acers in autumn. Rich colours make a bold statement against the mellow seasonal background.  In autumn, the arboretum is on fire with the rich colours of autumn leaf, punctuated by the glorious deep reds of the specimen Acers.  Not to be missed!

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